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Papua New Guinea, Purosa A

Papua New Guinea, Purosa A

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Notes: Floral, Caramel, Spice
 Medium (Full City)
Blue Mountain, Arusha, Kent
1800 - 2000m
Wet \ Washed and Sun Dried
Highlands Organic Agricultural Cooperative

Our Fair-Trade certified Purosa A is grown by a cooperative of farmers in the eastern, volcanic highlands of Papua New Guinea at a remarkable altitude of 1800 - 2000m. It is Fair Trade certified and has been a staple here at our roastery for a number of years. In the cup, it has a pronounced floral quality and a nice spiciness as well as a distinct, rustic character but is also smooth and well-rounded. There are also strong hints of caramel and cocoa on the finish.

Many small farmers of specialty grade arabica varietals contribute to the production, working with the Highlands Organic Agricultural Cooperative for washing and milling operations. It’s a unique coffee from the Pacific, being fully washed rather than semi-washed or “wet-hulled” as is traditional of the more earthy Sulawesi and Sumatra offerings. The difference is a significantly brighter and more complex cup.

The Purosa A is comprised of blue mountain, Arusha, and kent varietals. Blue mountain varietal coffee is most commonly associated with another island nation, that of Jamaica. While Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is renowned for its high quality, mild acidity and consistent cups it is equally known for being outrageously expensive, and a classic example of demand exceeding supply. Not only are the same blue mountain varietals being grown here in Papua New Guinea, we think it produces a superior coffee as well.


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