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About Our Roaster

We believe that the best way for us to offer our customers the best freshly roasted coffee, and support the development of more sustainable trade relationships,  is to partner with a local roasting company we believe shares our standards and interest in quality, ethics, and sustainability. Today we are proud distributors of Picacho Coffee Roasters.

Founded in 2009, Picacho Coffee, a family owned and operated business, roasts nothing but 100% specialty grade, fresh crop, shade grown arabica: the highest grade coffee in the World. Our menu features unique origin and estate coffees including a number of micro-lots, organic and Fair Trade options. Our espresso, cold brew, and Moka Java blends are created from our seasonal selections.

The roaster works closely with importers to provide farm-direct access to smallholders of the World’s best specialty coffees. The individual farmers, mill operators, and coffee pickers who produce our origins and estate coffees enjoy prices and wages that far exceed industry standards and often make a premium of 100% over market. Through Fair-Trade practices, we help provide essential goods and services to their communities and families.

To purchase and learn more about the coffees we offer browse our collections.

We offer weekly roast-to-order wholesale coffee service to coffee shops, juice bars, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and specialty retailers who are passionate about high-quality ingredients. Contact us for information about our wholesale distribution service.