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Costa Rica, Heredia: El Tigre

Costa Rica, Heredia: El Tigre

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Single Estate Coffee

Notes: Lemon Peel, Almond, Milk Chocolate 
 Light (City +) 
Caturra, Typica
1200 - 1600m
Wet \ Washed and Sun Dried
Delmar & Fernando Guillen

Our single estate Costa Rica, El Tigre SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) is farmed and milled by multi-generation coffee family in Heredia, Costa Rica's high altitude, volcanic mountain range to the northeast of San Jose. Their coffee is wet milled in their private mill, hand sorted, sun-dried, and then stored in parchment until the exact time the coffee is ready for shipment.

The Costa Rica, El Tigre has a crisp, clean, flowery, lemon peel brightness, milk chocolate accents and an almond nuttiness in the finish.


We are proud distributors of Picacho Coffee Roasters. Orders are roasted fresh weekly in small batches.