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Insomnia Blend

Insomnia Blend

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Blended Coffee

Roast: Medium - Dark (Full City)
Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Typica
Wet / Washed & Sundried, Dry Process, Natural, Tree-Dried 
Delmar & Fernando Guillen (Mexico, Chiapas) / Cooxupe Cooperative (Brazil, Minas Gerais 

Insomnia Blend is a custom blend crafted for American keyboardist Peter Keys. With a long history of experience and notable collaborations, Peter is mostly known for his work filling in to replace Bernie Worrell of the original Parliament-Funkadelic line-up, and was chosen to take over for Billy Powell of Lynyrd Skynyrd after his passing.

From the Bay Area psychedelic blues scene, to the Motown sounds of Detroit, and the urban bounce of hip hop, to the southern rock and roll of Atlanta and Nashville, Peter has developed a style of playing that is bold and unique.


"I wanted to create a cup a coffee that you could enjoy all day. Something to keep you alert and inspired to work and play through the night, while the "Normies" are slacking off. The freaks come out at night and drink Insomnia Blend. Livin’ the dream cause’ we never sleep!” - Peter Keys